My Favourite Female Influencers & Why You Should Follow Them.

Social media is e n d l e s s… you can find an influencer for just about anything you can imagine. A good social media influencer makes you feel comforted, understood, empowered and inspired. Like they are your closest friend. I’ve been watching youtube for over a decade and had Instagram since I was in grade 11, and over time my tastes have really changed. I’ve listed my favourite influencers down below and why I love them, check them out! I promise you won’t regret it.

#1 Amber Scholl.

I thought I was extra until I found Amber Scholl, she is truly the big sister every extra girl wish they had. From insane DIY’s (anything from homemade marble flooring to bedazzling shoes, denim jackets and making gowns out of trash bags) to fashion content (and a bag/shoe closet to die for) to inspirational speeches – ya girl can do anything and she believes you can too! She embraces who she is and does not care about others opinions! She will go in full glam and a gown to the grocery store. She inspires! I relate to Amber in a million different ways and she is a major reason why I started this blog. Amber started from the bottom and grew into astounding success and now she travels the world and has a career she loves. If thats not inspirational, I don’t know what is. She’s the queen of girly hoe fashion. Plus she has an infectious positivity to her.

#2 Jenna Marbles.

So you’ve probably heard of this one. She’s a Youtube OG, and I’ve watched her since the early days. Her relatability, humour, and overall demeanour is what keeps me coming back to her channel every week. She’s truly a reason to look forward to Wednesday.Jenna Marbles has made me laugh cry so many times I can’t even count. She is the crazy person that tries all the wild stuff so you don’t have to. She’s been on youtube basically since it’s inception and produces some of the most relatable content. Julien also is one of the best things to bless the internet, their unlikely Virgo & Aries relationship will have you laughing until you pee. Not only does Jenna make me laugh all the time but she has one truest hearts ever, I really value how she is an influencer with integrity and that she strives to make the internet a better place.

#3 Tana Mongeau.

Tana is wild, young and completely herself. I can’t imagine growing up on the internet (she’s been making videos since she was 15) and having the world watch as you make mistakes. She is no stranger to controversy or scandal, but she embraces it, I am proud to see how she has grown and faced criticism. She lives on keeping it authentic and real even if it isn’t always pretty and that takes real courage. She doesn’t believe in censoring herself and her feelings and personally, I think she makes some of the most real content on youtube. I love to see how she is coming into her own and she lives a pretty interesting life. I may not always agree with the choices Tana makes but she is not afraid to show you the life that many youtubers are living but just keeping private from the world. Plus it’s pretty entertaining to watch a vlog from a strip club in Miami at 11 am… right?

#4 Lyn Allure.

Okay so this lovely lady is 100% different from Tana, but totally amazing in her own right. She is a self made girl boss from Toronto that runs several online businesses and teaches you finance in a way that makes sense – she’s young and fun and has the MOST infectious personality ever. Anytime I watch her videos I feel totally inspired. She makes me aware of my financial opportunities without making me feel bad about them. She is truly a woman’s woman. I’ve recently signed up for her Good Girls Gone Boss Society and I’m so excited to see what insight she shares with us. She preaches many life lessons like having multiple streams of income (which is especially important during a pandemic.) I find it really inspiring to watch a woman embrace her femininity in the financial world which is male dominated. If you’re not into finance – don’t worry! She posts lots of fun content including Pretty Little Thing try on hauls, week in the life vlogs and motivation tips & tricks.

#5 Samantha Ravndahl.

Samantha is an OG beauty guru who is super authentic and focused on artistry. She is very transparent, not interested in drama and I find her sarcastic sense of humour always gets me laughing. She is born & raised in Canada and shares all elements of her daily life including the not so glamorous struggles of body image and cystic acne. It’s been interesting to watch her style of makeup evolve over time, on her youtube channel you can find everything from super colourful, dramatic makeup looks to more toned down and wearable everyday makeup. I especially appreciate her makeup reviews because you can tell she is honest and will talk about the specifics of what worked for her and what didn’t.

#6 The McKnight Twins.

These lovely ladies are a relatively new discovery for me but I absolutely love them. Not only are they completely GORGEOUS (like all of the ladies on this list) but they are fun! They post a variety of videos, although most of their content is focused around fashion & beauty. Abby & Emily resonated with me because of their substance, I find them relatable (especially because we are similar in age) and they just seem to have genuine hearts. I love that they share the channel together but will sometimes post on their own so you get a feel for who they are individually as well as together. They are smaller youtubers with about 62K subscribers at time of posting, but their content is super high quality. Emily is a business owner who has a salon that focuses on microblading and Abby is a mom to the cutest little boy. I highly recommend you check them out!

There’s so many amazing social stars out there that I could go on forever! If you guys like this series I will definitely post a part two.

Sending y’all love!

~ Cynthia

EDIT: Since posting this Jenna Marbles has made the tough decision to step away from Youtube. Although this makes me very sad to hear I truly only want to see her happy and do whats best for her. Those who want to continue to support her can still watch her remaining videos on youtube. Much love Jenna!

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