An Open Letter To Jenna Marbles

Hi Jenna – we love you.

I am so sorry that you feel the way that you do right now. I think it’s very clear to most people that you never intended to cause harm or pain to anyone, and personally – in my life you were a ray of sunshine. I started watching you in 10th grade, (2010). Since 2010, I can confidently say that I have watched every video ever on your channel, and some videos I’ve watched over 100 times. You were such a blessing to me because you could make me laugh in my darkest days, you had a way of understanding me without even knowing me and I found your content so relatable. I had a tough time when I was younger, I would be sad for hours and hours and sometimes days on end. Your content helped me get through that time, and helped me eventually to cope with what was going on with me personally. I’d allow myself an hour to be sad and then I’d watch your videos to make me laugh and remind myself that there is good and light in the world.

It’s very clear to me that 2010 Jenna and 2020 Jenna are not the same, growth and mistakes are a part of life. Not to make excuses for things that have hurt or angered people, but I think in 2010 no one was as educated or aware as they are now. I think in 2010 it was a lot more common place for jokes like ones you’ve made in the past to be made. Jenna, I appreciate how much you value doing the right thing and having high moral standards – it has always been evident to me that you care so much about the following you have and any apology has always been so heartfelt and sincere. I am sorry if you feel beat down or guilty about your past choices & to me those do not define you.

I am very sad about your decision to step away from Youtube and I will miss you incredibly, but I respect it. I respect that you need to do what is best for you and what keeps your heart full and your mind in the best place. Please don’t put the weight of the world on your shoulders or feel burdened by choices you’ve made. It is very clear to me that your intent was never to harm. Please never forget what joy you have given the world and how many millions of times you have made people all over the world laugh. I hope to see you back one day when you feel up to it, but if you don’t return, I will forever be thankful for how you made me feel.

Sending you love,


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